Shree Sai Deva Seva Trust,( E-1253)

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Shree Sai Deva Seva Trust,( E-1253)


Shree Sai Deva Seva Trust, Dwarka( E-1253)


In the history of mankind, one comes across lots of instances,where humanbeings,Rich or Poor have dedicated their lives to the sevice of God,and ulitimately,to the service of mankind.These human beings were blessed and inspired by the "almighty God" to spend their lives in the above manner. One such human being born in a brahmin family in south india with the blessings and inspiration from the "Almighty" Chose to become a "SANYASI" at very young age, who came to be known as "Shree Vivekmuni".He dedicated his life to the service of God & Mankind.As the time passed, he became an erudite personality,having an excellent command on twelve languages and various "Grantha" & litreature. During shree Vivekmuni's "Vihar", he at first, set foot on the Holy land of Dwarka(Gujrat) about forty years ago.He chose as his abode,

"Shree Pataleshwar Mahadev" Temple,Which is a very ancient temple,situated on the sea-shore of Dwarka.Shree Vivekmuni stayed in Dwarka till his last breath on Earth. During his life time, Shree Vivekmuni practiced "karma Yoga" for a period of twelve years during which he started a small scale industry to manufacture "INCENSE STICKS", and provided meals to the needy or homeless every day,with the income from the small scale industry.He was assisted by saints & sages for this activity. Shree Vivekmuni was an ardent devotee of ‘ Shree Saibaba ‘ of Shirdi. He used to frequently visit shirdi. Shree Saibaba blessed him. Oneday, he was inspired by an idea that if there is dwarka (dwarka mai) in shirdi. why shirdi should not be in dwarka. Hence, with this inspiration and blessings from baba, shree vivekmuni relentlessly devoted himself to bring “sai baba” to dwarka. His efforts were rewarded (after 30 years of Shree Vivekmunis arriving at dwarka) and he was blessed by “baba” to construct a temple of “Shree Sai Baba” within the premises of “Shree Pataleshwar Mahadev” temple. Shree Sai presence is such that he has his vision directly on the “ Dhwaja" (flag ) of Lord Dwarkadhish. Dwarka is such a holy place that it is considered as a "Dham"in four "Dham",sevenpuri's & sixty Eight Tirthas. Unfortunately shree Vivekmuni could not serve Baba for long in dwarka. Shree Vivekmuni breathed his last on 4th feb 2002.


The exisiting temple of “Shree Pataleshwar Mahadev” and “Shree Sai Baba”was opened for the devotees on 2nd june 1997,Hindu Tithi 12th of Dark Half of month “VAISAKH” Vikram year 2053.The opening was preceded by a five Day ceremony from (29/5/1997) during which various Religious Rites were performed,including “Shree Maha Vishnu Yagna” “Shree Maha Rurva yagna” being witnessed and attended by innumerable devotees from all over India. Shree VivekMuni formed “SAI DEVA SEVA TRUST” simultaneously during the construction of Sai Temple ,the main aim being able to render services to saints ,sages, pilgrims, needy, homeless, without any discrimination. This Trust also celebrates various religious festivals with “Maha Prasad”, also rendering social services by Conducting MedicalCamps, Assistance to students etc. The Trust intends to enhance and increase its activities for the welfare of Mankind. Hence, The Trust invites devotees to help The Trust in any Form [cash/kind donation, etc] and enable The Trust to increasingly continue its activities. Late Shri Vivek Muni started a noble human service work with the construction of the temple and now that he is no more with us, all the devotees of Sai Baba need to see that his work of social,religious,education and medical nature continues,grows and enlarge. With this view 'Sai Deva Seva Trust' requests the worthy to come forward to help the trust in any way they think fit. Their even little co-operation will be a big help to the trust.


[1] Maha shivratri
ON MAHASHIVRATRI 'Rudrabhishek' is done with 'Rudri' in the mornig 'Falahar 'is offered to Brahmins and ' Bhandaro ' to sages and sadhus.The devotees present are invited to join 'Falahr'

[2] Shree Ram navmi
ON RAMNAVMI 'abhishik pooj' and 'Mahaprasd' are arranged.

[3] Temple's 'Paotshav' on vaishkh vad 12
PATOTSHAVA is celebrated as the anniversry of the foundation-day of the tempel; with 'abhishik poojan' followed by 'Mahaprasad'

[4] Guru poornima
GURU POORNIMA is observed with ' abhishek poojan ' of Baba and 'Maha Prasad'.

[5] vijaya dashmi
VIJAYA DASHAMI [DASERA] BENG Baba's 'nivana' day 'Abhishak poojan 'and "maha prasad"are arranged on that day.

[6] deepavali 'Annakut darshan'
ON DEEPAVALI the templ is decorted with colourful 'Rangoli' andlighths. on the next day "56 Bhoga" is offered at the holy feet of Baba. this 'prasad" is served to the devotees and sadhus along with the dinner kept for them.

[7] Shree Dattatreya Jayanti
SHRI DATTATREYA JAYANTI is celebrated with ‘Abhishek Poojan’ and ‘Bhandaro’ to Sadhus.

[8] Sravan Mahina
ON SRAVAN Mahina Rudrabhishek, Rudripath etc, are done by or in the names of devotees who wants them to be done for which and also for other 'poojas' they inform the trust in advance giving their names address and relevant day for pooja so that proper arrangmentcan be made.


Mangala Darshan - 6.00AM Shiv templ and 7.00 AM Saibaba temple

Temple Remains Open On Thursday - 7.00 AM to 12.30 PM and 5.00 PM to 9.30 PM

Temple Remains Open On Other Days - 7.00 AM to 12.00 noon and 5.00 PM to 8.00 PM

Arti Time - 7.00 AM Mangla Arti , 6.30 PM Sandhya Arti , 8.00 PM Sayan Arti

Daily Pooja Abhishik in Shiv Temple and Saibaba Temple


Shree Sai Deva Seva Trust ( E-1253)

Nr. Sea Shore, Dwarka - 361335

Dist. Devbhumi Dwarka, Gujarat - India


BANK OF BARODA - 03690100011073

STATE BANK OF INDIA - 56090007027


M. 9712817915 M. 9427284663

M. 9428985336 M. 7600719382

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